Benjamin Graham’s Value Investing Advice

In the fast paced world of investing, it’s easy to get caught up in the blaring headlines. The goal of these posts is to take a step back, study successful time-tested investment strategies and create a plan to develop our portfolios for the long-term. Coming up with our own thoughtful investment strategies can enormously benefit our long-term portfolio returns.

Who better to advise us than the legendary Ben Graham? Nicknamed the “father of value investing”, Graham pioneered the value investing field when he published Security Analysis in 1934. Warren Buffet (his best known disciple), Berkshire Hathaway and thousands of investment professionals are living proof that Graham’s ideas continue to generate superior returns today.

I read all of Graham’s books, including The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis and am constantly leveraging his most valuable investment advice for your benefit. More than simply cliff notes, these posts bring in additional research to test Graham’s assumptions or add more context, and sprinkle in commentary from my own investment experiences (the good and bad).

Here are a collection of my most recent value investing articles:

Mr. Market Yelling Prices

Mr. Market: The Parable of Value Investing

Why is Mr. Market Warren Buffet's favorite chapter in The Intelligent Investor?

/ June 4, 2017
Benjamin Graham - The Intelligent Investor

The Enterprising Investor: How to Outperform the Market

We rank the best ways to outperform the market, including: market timing, growth stocks, dogs of the dow, bargain stocks and secondary stocks. The best and worst performing investment strategies may surprise you, and dramtically impact your portfolio.

/ May 29, 2017
Graham's Enterprising Investor Risks

The Enterprising Investor: The Risks

Always looking to generate alpha, the enterprising investor also runs the risk of being burned. This article covers some of the investment mistakes to look out for and includes a novel way to gauge market sentiment.

/ May 21, 2017
Defensive Investing - The Tortoise & The Hare

Graham’s Stock Market Strategy for the Defensive Investor

To begin our series on the two types of investment strategies Benjamin Graham outlines in The Intelligent Investor (defensive and enterprising), we’ll start with Graham’s guidelines for the defensive investor. I like to think of the defensive investment strategy along...

/ April 30, 2017

Value Investing vs. Speculative Investing

While you contemplate a major investment decision, you need to ask yourself if you will be making a value investment or a speculative investment. You can use Benjamin Graham’s extensive writing about the difference between value and speculative investments to...

/ March 20, 2011

Benjamin Graham on Market Behavior

In Security Analysis, Benjamin Graham emphasizes the importance of not only focusing on a firm’s potential and accounting statements, but to also pay great attention to the business cycle. Individual investors should research and create their own one year outlook...

/ December 2, 2008