Max Asciutto at Adam Smith's Statue

Hi, I’m Max Asciutto. Welcome to the The Intelligent Investor Blog!

This site is inspired by Benjamin Graham. Graham published two widely acclaimed books on investing: The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis. Warren Buffet wrote that the The Intelligent Investor is “the best book about investing ever written.”

The goal of this blog is to analyze stocks and current stock market events through the investing guidelines Graham outlined in his books, as well as a frequent commentary on current market events and stock reports..

I graduated with a finance and marketing degree from Northeastern University and am currently the owner of Code for Business, which provides custom software development for small to medium-sized businesses in industries ranging from manufacturing, real estate, finance, insurance and more. Prior to Code for Business, I worked at Gabelli Funds, New Oak Capital, and O’Shaughnessy Asset Management.

I enjoy investing, weightlifting, reading, NY Jets football, and playing golf.

You can follow me on twitter @aValueInvestor.

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