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This parody on the big three bailout ad cracked me up, so I thought I would share..

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2 Intelligent Responses to “Big 3 Bailout Advertisement”

  1. Victor Nazi (1 comments.)

    Ford never took a bailout so I don’t understand why they would be on there. The other two should of went down. I bought Ford stock and already sold it at a profit, but if the other two went bankrupt it should have made Ford stock even more valuable. Either way Ford is the best U.S. Automaker.

  2. Colton

    I agree with Victor, Ford never took the bail out. The problem with this add is that not only does it mention Ford on the bottom, it displays a Ford vehicle in the add. This is very misleading from the one and only American manufacture that did not take bail out money and built very reliable vehicles. Appears you are either invested in Toyota or not concerned about honesty in reporting.

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